Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scrapbook Page- Before and After

Morning!  This has been such a nice week so far, it's been relaxing and happy.  Alex and I went shopping and went to see Monsters Inc. in 3D on Sunday, it was a fun mommy/son day!  Now I can't get him to clean his room though, any suggestions?  He hasn't been allowed to play with his friends for the last two days because his room is so trashed and he still won't clean it.  I told him today that he doesn't get to turn on his TV after school until his room is clean, too harsh?  Any other suggestions?  He is such a slob but I think that's pretty typical for a boy. :)

Here's a scrapbook page that I made about three years ago.  Yuck, right?  It was seriously in need of a re-do.  Thanks to a challenge on the Cricut Circle blog last year I was finally inspired to re-make it.

Here's the after!  Much better!

Cricut Cartridges Used: Digital Father's Day- Daddy, Creative Memories- This and That, plus the Cuttlebug!

Before I go- Here's my favorite Pinterest find of the week!  I showed it to John last night and he said it was mean, haha, (he was smiling when he said it).  If we ever have another baby someday this will be my first new baby purchase! :)  You can buy it here.


hotpotato said...

love the new look layout.

Doreen Vasquez said...

Can't help you in the room cleaning dept, my daughter wont clean hers either! Well not until her daddy tells her to do it. I tell her like 100 times and she refuses but my husband tells her once and boom done!
What's up w/ that?!
Oh, and BTW girls can be slobs too! My daughter is Queen, LOL!

Love the re-done layout! Very coloful and fun! But I have to say the original was cute too!

And I love that onesie! You must buy it!!! I want one that says "Tom Hardy is my real daddy"...even though I will never have kids again...but the thought of it just makes me smile! :0)
Have a good day!

Diana Waite said...

great redo! ummm...MOST kids are slobs...if you find a solution tell me! No, you aren't a mean mom, I do the SAME thing--STICK to your guns and don't sweat the small stuff...

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Don't ask me ... I am really the MEANEST mom in all the world ... my kids hate that I am a neat freak! LOL!! Alex would hate to have me around! LOL! :)

I loveeeeeeeeeee both your pages ... the before and after one!!! They are both gorgeous!!!!